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Access to Webflow's native icons?

Hey guys, I haven’t been able to find discussions about accessing Webflow’s native icons…

I’m still super new to Webflow and developing my own best practices. Before I even bother with something like Font Awesome, I figured I’d check if it was possible to implement Webflow’s native Close (X), Arrows (<>), and Hamburger/Menu icons. This would be especially nice because, if a project really only needs these basic icons, then everything would look very consistent. Using a mix of Font Awesome (or similar) and Webflow’s icons would be inconsistent.

So, does anyone know if this is possible?

I should add that I did notice I was able to duplicate the Hamburger icon from the Navbar element in the Navigator, however, I cannot seem to find a way to access the Close (X) icon. I tried it with the Lightbox element, but there seems to be no way to access the contents of the pop-up element.

I’m not aware of any way to easily use Webflow’s native icons. Font Awesome is one option, here are a few other great resources for icons as well.

While not exactly what you’re looking for, I hope that helps!


EDIT: Added Rubicons by @Noah-R.


Thanks cspags (Edit: Chris*, now that I noticed your name),
I love resource recommendations, and these look fantastic.

It doesn’t look like any of these can be compiled in a font format, right? One thing that’s great about using Font Awesome in font format is that you can style it just like text, so the icon color will change with the text color of a button, etc.

This is true for Webflow’s basic icons, as well, I’ve discovered. Maybe I should suggest this on Wishlist.

That’s definitely true about Font Awesome regarding how easy it is to style with the text color.

With SVGs you can use something called currentColor to get the same functionality. It’s a little tricky to do this in Webflow because you need to use the Embed element. Here’s a far better walkthrough than I could give, SVG icons using Style Palette colors.

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Yet more fantastic news; thanks Chris!

Alas, embed elements can’t be placed inside links or button elements, it seems. I guess I could make my own buttons, but the button element is nice and efficient.

In any case, it’s great to have these options.