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I’ve created a cms blog post collection and created my first blog post. However, when I add images to the blog post the first two appear just fine, but the rest are not being displayed. When I try to open the broken image I get an access denied error message:

Here is the url to the published blog post:


Not working:

Access denied message:

Url to file without access:

Best regards,
Henning Frettem

Hi @HenningFrettem

Thanks for posting about this image issue – it definitely looks like weird behavior.

Did you copy / paste the content in this rich text field from another application or existing web page? If so, chances are the images original src didn’t copy over correctly, or were removed. If this is the case, you can fix it by saving the image to your computer, then reuploading the image into the rich text field.

Can you please try this to see if it helps?

After that if the issue continues, can you please try the following:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Brando, thanks a lot for getting back to me! I’m on my mobile at the moment so I have limited access to testing but the weird thing is that both the “lunch” image and the one that is not working are uploaded in exactly the same way. The text is copied from notepad++ but there shouldn’t be any image references there.

What I did was to make a few line breaks in the editor so the plus-sign appears, then clicked the image upload, image appears in editor, then I right-aligned it, and published. And if I go back to the editor now the image is visible, but not in the published version (and it doesn’t matter if I publish again, I’ve tried)

HI @HenningFrettem

Thanks for sharing these details.

I’ve done some more testing on this end and was able to reproduce the issue with these two images. I reported this to the team and we’ll take a closer look to see what the issue could be.

Quick follow up question – did you use any sort of online image conversion / compression tool to process these images?

The images were created by Greenshot, a screen grabber tool, uploaded about 5 months ago to an article I wrote on LinkedIn (same article), downloaded from LinkedIn a few days ago to my local computer and then uploaded to this webflow blog post.

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