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Accept team invitation with (legacy) personal plan

Hi Guys,

I’m on a (legacy) personal plan and just got an invitation from a new client to join their team with my existing account and e-mailadres. Unfortunately when I click on the button to join the team I see this:

The link behind the ‘accept’ button looks correct linked to the right team/company but somehow I can not accept the invitation. Nothing happens when I click it. Another thing is that there is no name behind: ‘You’ve been invited to join by .’

Does anybody else experienced this? And could it maybe has something to do with me having a legacy personal plan?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @martijnrunia, there is an issue with team invitations at the moment, our team is working to help get this resolved, to get immediate help with this, I would advise the team owner to contact our support team with the info on the team member that need to be added so that we can help to get the team member added.

You may contact our Customer Service team at our contact page at:

Thanks for the reply @cyberdave. I’ve also received a message from Bryan of the support team. I’ve forwarded his message to the client to connect my account to the team directly.

Hello @martijnrunia. Did you get your new invitation yet from your team owner? All should be working now once they generate a new invitation for you.


Yes everything works just fine. Thanks for the update and prompt reply.

I’m having the same exact problem, over a year later. I can’t seem to accept an invitation to join a team. Getting the same message as martijnrunia received. Anyone have any insight?