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Absolute positioning problem in collection list

Hello everyone,

Just when I thought I had a good grasp on absolute positioning (absolutely positioned objects need a relative-positioned parent for starters!), I came across a strange problem: when I create a div inside a collection list with relative positioning and place another object inside that div with absolute positioning, the reference is still the body, not the parent div.

Here is a screenshot of the structure:

Here’s one of the positioning section of the div with absolute positioning inside the one with relative positioning:

This does not occur when I have the divs outside a collection list.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

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I have the same problem here. Didn’t find any information regarding this issue.

Is your intention to make the button ABS relative to the previous layer?

Still having this issue. However, it seems like it might only be visual.

I know its 5 months ago, but was there a fix to the [absolute] problem. I does function unexpectedly. Do you have a work around (I have half a work-around) but it has its created its own problems. Thanks Kaiwen