Absolute position loading/flickering on page load

Hi community!

Im quite new to Webflow, having moved over from Wordpress/Elementor and really enjoying the new experience!

I’m having a small issue though, I am trying to create a site that has a sticky hero (section 1) and then the second section scrolls over (section 2). In section 2 I have some absolute positioning for my text in a flex that loads on screen load. Also its seems that when I load it on a published site, sometimes the second section doesn’t show at all, only the absolute text. Sometimes it works perfect but I’m scratching my head. I know I’m missing something simple?!

Can someone be so kind to offer some suggestions… here is a link to the site.


Thanks everyone!

Hi @iloveweb, welcome to Webflow. It’s great to hear you’re enjoying it!

I have opened your published site in different browsers several times and am not quite experiencing what you’re describing. The only thing that catches my eye, is that the interaction moving in the text Who we are sometimes doesn’t work. This happens randomly and not every time I reload your site.

I am seeing your second section every time. Are you able to check this in another browser or a private window? If this doesn’t fix things for you, a short recording of your screen would go a long way in figuring out, what’s going on. Thanks!