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Absolute Navigation blocks Hero Image edit location

Hi there,

I know this has been mentioned in the past, but has it ever been resolved?
I have a client who wishes to use a Webflow CMS template. The template has a Nav set as Absolute position and has a nice semi-transparent overlay over the main hero image.
In the editor the location to edit the hero image is simply blocked by this Absolute Positioned Nav!
I have seen some not so ideal suggestions like adding right-margin to the Nav or making the Nav 98% width, but these are not really workable.
In the interim I have set my nav to be position relative and have the hero image sit underneath it, that way the image becomes editable.
Is there any other solution around this or any plans to fix this item?

I wish you’d post the read only link of the site :smiley:

Anyway, there’s a strategy for streamlining maintenance and editing, rendering the task easier: use symbols. When something is behind another thing, or when something is difficult to access, or when some things are spread accross a lot of pages or locations, you can make those things symbols, and gather them in a special, unlinked page (possibly with a password if you want).

Doing so allows for quickly editing a lot of things, in the most comfortable manner.

Hi Vincent,

Here’s my Read Only Share Link! :slight_smile:

I take your suggestion onboard as a kind of workaround. So I could create a page called hero that simply has a flat symbol for the hero section and where you can browse to and edit the hero image.
If I was taking this option though I would need to create several symbols for inner page banners that might say have different headings, etc. placed on them.

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