Absolute Centre an IMG in dynamic content [resolved]

Hi Chaps and Chapettes,

Long time lover of all things Webflow, loving the way you guys continue to push.

Ass kissing aside, I have a problem when trying to absolute centre an image from dynamic content within itself.

It seems to work fine, but the images all show in the smack center of the parent container - but return to place when the hover interactions are in play.

Is this a bug? or am I totally in the wrong ballpark with my methods?

Preview probably explains it best.


Thanks in advance!
(First time poster, be gentle)

If you are able please include a link to a published version. I want to look at a live site version to see if it is maintaining the relative positioning on the dynamic parent.

@AndyMcHulme, set the parent work-thumb to relative positioning and it will sort it all out.

Absolute aligned objects look up the chain of the parent hierarchy for an element with Relative alignment. The Absolute aligned object gloms its own alignment to that Relative element. In your case the wrapper .get-big was the first hierarchical element in the chain with the Relative alignment designation, so they all align to its position. So I don’t think it is a bug in the CMS, just cryptology in the master design of CSS.

Hope that all makes some sense - it barely does to me and what I wrote just made it all worse :stuck_out_tongue: I am trying to explain one of those cryptic CSS bits I barely understand the logic behind myself.

Site is looking great BTW!

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@vlogic you are my hero.

I was going round in circles scratching my head a lot with this one and obvious always wins. Sometimes you just need those extra pair of eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much for your help!



Glad to help. For me it is always those crazy little things that I struggle to see. A second set of eyes always helps. Loads of great people to do just that on the forums. Become one of them - you can never have too many eyes. Tilting your head helps too.

Welcome to the forum Andy!

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