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awsome… this is a very good idea!

It would be great some kind of import wizard, so I can upload a ecwid store and them customize it, for example. No?

Hello! I wish integrate login on webflow websites.

I wish it would be possible to do the following:
read an URL like the one gets from a google query
save that URL in a variable
extract the words after #q= which are located before + (ie. if I search for digital innovation
it’ll be google.com/ …#q=digital+innovation
then, I guess it would be possible to say, according to the query, let people land
to that specific homepage for them which will - in turn - lead to a specific user experience and

More than 20 collections. Primarily for bilingual sites - its a bit of a work around at the moment, If I want a dynamic template for posts in two languages i need to create 2 collections to get the two templates that I can then set up for each language.

Im sure theres a better way to do this but in the short term more collections would be awesome. happy to pay for this as a temporary extra.

Not really a wishlist post (apologies), but If someone does read this with similar issues, just adding that I worked out a nice way to deal with posts in various languages.

  1. Add a dropdown option to the collection. So the first thing the editor has to do is indicate whether its a dutch or english post.

  2. Then in the dynamic template i simply use filters to show the right headings and page elements, ‘only show if post is set to dutch’ etc.

  3. For the menu and footer I had created symbols for both languages. I place both menus and both footers on the template page, each wrapped in a div so I can again filter out the ones I dont need for that post.

Works really well

I would second a request for a login for registered users - hmmm that would help kill of Joomla :japanese_ogre:

Something else. When you want to import an image into a collection, the cms doesn’t allow you to access your library of images - only your desktop, thus negating the value of a library of images! Would also be good if you could organise images in folders as well.

Also I would like to manually order my collections in the side panel (like I can pages).

Wishlist: Editors can style text using tables within a Dynamic Collection.


please make offline and downloadable version that we can work from offline