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About the asset manager and lightbox widget

Before the asset manager I uploaded two images. One big and one thumb. I had to create the thumb because I supossed that the lightbox widget use both separately and I didnt want to duplicate the loading time. Now I suposse that with the asset manager we are using two instances of the same one.

Is that correct?


The asset manager isn’t concerned here. Add an image to the lightbox and it will be used as the image and for the thumb. Webflow only displays it at a smaller size (wich is never ideal, it’s less good than a generated real thumb). But it doesn’t affect loading. Image is loaded one time and can be displayed ten or a hundred times without affecting loading. Loaded means loaded in RAM, once in memory displaying it takes no resources or close to none.

Hi Vincent, in the process of building a lightbox we have to add two images (the same one normally) One for the thumb and the other one. You mean Webflow identify both like the same one?

Sorry, I dont understand what you say.


Maybe because I don’t use the lightbox, but bfore answering I tested it. Here is what I saw:

you grad the widget and you see a image placeholdr for ONE thunmbnail representing the who lightbox. then, in the settings panel, you can add as many images as you want, the actuall images. When you click on the first item, it opens the lightbox fullscreen, with the first image in big and a bar of thumbnails on the bottom: these are the thumbs I’m talking about, they’re the images of the lightbox scaled down.

Of course the first image, the thumb representing the lightbox, has to be produced especially for this usage and depic the whole lightbox rather that one image in paticular (unless you have a one lightbox image)

Do I make sense? (sometimes I don’t :smiley: )

Ok, I think I understand now. I was talking about the first thumb, the one people see in the page, not the smaller ones when you open the lightbox.
We can create some of them with just one image each and linking all of them with a group name so you can open one and are able to see all of them.

Back to the question, if I upload an image in the new asset manager, I can use this image for thumb and for the lightbox image too. Does it means just one image is used it for both? If so we dont need to create the thumbs to avoid using two big images.

Yes you can, you can do whatever you want with image assets images. You’ll end up using a big image for a small thumbnail, wich, if you use the big image anyway won’t add any extra loading.

However, an image displayed at its original size looks better than a live resized one. And considering the size of thumbs, you should make a dedicated thumb, it will only be a few ko.

Agree with the thumbs. Takes nothing to do it.
Anyway thanks.