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About Responsive Design

So, I’m new to responsive design on this platform… and I’ve been taking the “Freelancer’s Boot Camp” course. I’m on the section (you guessed it) about responsive design, and I’m having an issue when I switch to tablet/mobile modes.

When I open the menu on the “Homepage responsiveness” section, it doesn’t open the menu like it does in the video. Instead of overlapping the image of the bedroom, it pushes the navbar down. I seem to be having this same issue concerning the collection’s interaction with the footer. I figured it might be because of box display, and I’ve come up with a quick fix by simply adjusting margins… but I’d like to learn how to do it correctly.

Any chance anyone here could help me out?

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Scratch that - he answered my question in the next video. It’s almost as if… well… as if he came from the future, and didn’t know that I didn’t know that already. Go figure.

Maybe I should stop trying to make things “pixel perfect” before their time.