About freelancing work

Hey, webflowers !

I am on my way to be a freelacing web-designer doing motion graphic work and 3D design work hopefully haha

Recently, I have got a couple of question for you guys!

  1. Having decided to learn Cinema 4D and Octane to apply 3D design to web-design work, I have been concerned that Macbook M1 max which I bought is enough for rendering work? As I might be working remotely down the road, but been told that for 3D work, it would be better and efficient to make the optimal result.

  2. I have read E-book from webflow team. The book makes me have a question like Once the portfolio gets done, I am supposing that I will apply freelancing work on Upwork platform, if I am in charge of a client project as a freelancer web-designer on that kind of platform, it’s likely to happen for like… never-ending task…?

Hope that made sense to you…!

Greatly appreciate all the help you gave me!

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Hello @lim_liha,
Welcome to the crazy world of freelancing. So for your question number 1, your Macbook M1 max might be enough for some renderings using Cinema 4D and Octane, but not for everything, it depends on how complex your designs are. Furthermore, if you are going to be making 3d designs for web-design work I would advice you to try Spline. With the new Webflow + Spline integration knowing how to use Spline will be very useful for your own designs and for client work. For your question number 2, typically Upwork is based on pre determined work or predetermine time, so it is not like you will have never-ending tasks. I hope this helps answering your questions. Good Luck!

Hey, Pablo!

First is first, thank you for your valuable 2cents haha crazy world of freelancing!

Yeah! I have been told that How amazing they integrate webflow with spline!
So, should definitely learn spline as of now haha

  1. Oh, I got it! but other than Upwork, it is not predetermined work…?

Hey @lim_liha,

yes so as a freelancer you have a lot of flexibility as to where to apply for work, you can contact design agencies, websites like Upwork and Fiver, small businesses, etc. You should also try to find a Meetup group for freelancers where you live so you can get referrals for work from other designers. I hope this helps. Take care.

Hey @lim_liha

As a freelancer you get to set your own boundaries for work.

You can choose predetermined or ongoing work as you choose - just make sure you have an open and honest converstion about it with your clients so they understand what you will do, what you won’t do and how much it will cost them.

Best, Dave

Hey, Dave!

Thank you so so much for your help, cheers :slight_smile: Hope you have a great day!

Hey, Pablo!

Yeah, It does indeed! Thank you so so much for your help, cheers :slight_smile: