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Ability to view/edit dashboard of all pending changes in Editor mode

I have given a user CMS access and they have attempted to make a couple of changes which they have not published. When I go into Editor myself I can see that they have made two unpublished changes but there is no indication as to which page they have edited.

I assume that clicking on ‘Publish’ will cause those changes to go live without any further confirmation screen?

Also, if I can discover which pages they have edited, if I edit those pages in Design mode and then publish, do their unpublished changes get removed from the Editor?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @GrahamLinter, that is a very good idea, right now, it is possible view the detail changes by first navigating to the collection/page, however it would be nice to have a single dashboard panel showing all pending changes, with hot link to the record/element being changed, something like that?


Hi Dave,

Yes, that’s exactly what I would envisage!



Graham Linter