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Ability to use more than 16 numbers in a CMS numbers field

I seem to be running into a problem while trying to implement dynamic Facebook embeds.
The character limit is 16, but Facebook’s embed ID has 17 characters.

Is it possible to push a fix for this?

Unfortunately I made an untimely promise to my client that it would be possible…

Hi @Maximillion, the character limit in the embed is 5000 characters.

Could you share the read-only link to the site? I am happy to take a look further. If you could let me know what page the embed is being used, and screenshot, it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Maximillion, thanks for the report. I took a look at this, and you are correct, there is a 16 number limit on the number field in the CMS. I have added this as a wish list item, to increase that limit.

I would suggest, to get this working, is to change the cms collection to use a text field, instead of number field, and then it should work fine.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further.

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