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Ability to use Google Resizer tool using iFrame

I was trying to test your website with google’s new responsive tool test :
However websites created on webflow are not iframed,

It would be great if there is a way to iframe them to be able to use Google’s new tool.


For what it’s worth, there’s a way better simulator right in Chrome dev tools.

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Hi @Ow_Ma, thank you for bringing this to our attention! We’re going to try and enable iframe for the Google Resizer Tool (although no firm ETA on when this will be available)

In the meantime, please use the tool recommended by @vincent (it works pretty well so far)

As soon as there is more info on this, I’ll circle back with updates. Cheers!


Well I do use it (: since it was released by Google Canary, but when it comes to an interface display I guess Google resizer did a good job. Just saying. But thanks anyways I will be waiting for you to enable the iframe.

Cheers, and good job you guys I am really impressed about your product and can’t wait for the next features to push the web.

Any plans for AR / VR in the future?

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Hi @Ow_Ma, I love the way you are thinking :slight_smile: AR/VR would be so awesome… I am looking forward to having this in Webflow :slight_smile: This would be a great idea for a Wishlist. I want to place my div blocks on the table (i.e. hololens or similar…)

((: yeah that would be awesome. It would be cool to be able to easily develop AR/VR web app in the future through your platform.

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@Ow_Ma, lets continue this discussion :slight_smile: Right now, we need to build in the traditional features, but I am stoked on the AR/VR options… I would love your input on this as we get closer :slight_smile:

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Hey @Ow_Ma & @vincent you are now able to use Google Resizer with your Custom domain Webflow hosted sites to test :smile:


Hey @waldo, still all are not functioning, I tried many of my projects, and still no result, I even tested webflow’s official website and still not showing up on google’s resizer. Any advice on that matter or if you can show me an example with a custom domain webflow hosted site.


It works for my own site:

What about ?