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Ability to use Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality devices in Webflow


For AR:

1- You can start by creating a framework with a parallel interface on the side that includes the following:

  • the capturing component,
  • the sensor interface component,
  • the rendering component,
  • the tracking component
  • the Webflow SDK interface.

The interface provides interaction between the application and the other 4 modular components.

2- You will need to create a suite “Webflow Suite” that include:

  • Webflow SDK Deployment License,
  • Cloud License,
  • Webflow Creator,
  • Webflow Continuous Visual Search (CVS)
  • ?GB(as much you can offer to your users) of Cloud Space.

3- User should be able to import .obj, .fbx, and .md2 file formats to the Webflow Creator.

4- CVS:

As mentioned earlier you need to create a Continuous Visual Search (CVS) is a cloud-based image matching system that allows you to create and easily manage a database of up to one million patterns and then quickly match them with their corresponding A-R content.

Due to the technical limitations of end users’ devices, A-R scenarios with more than 150 tracking images tend to encounter performance issues. The CVS circumvents these limitations by offloading the workload to the cloud. Your CVS should also allow for simplified content management.

Again to be one step further, your CVS should not just be only available for 2D tracking patterns but for 3D too q:

5- I would say maybe start by developing a community/forums so everyone can start sharing their ideas and expertise regarding this technology before creating this platform, but at the same time it needs a lot of internal brainstorming because I believe that the user doesn’t know what they want and you should provide them with new things in order for them to want them ((:

I hope this helps, I will be tackling the VR in a few so people won’t get bored reading this long discussion q:



Haha, that’s… something :slight_smile:

About use cases, what do you have in mind?

And you seem interested in VR: what hardware do you own, what are you doing with it?

I recently got a pretty comfortable Google Cardboard compatible thing, but it’s back in its box after a few hours of use, I donwloaded and bought all that I could on iPhone but wasn’t convinced by anything, far from it. Didn’t even find a nice rollecoaster :slight_smile:

I haven’t returned the device yet, if you have any good starting point to recommend I’m ok to test it again!

I don’t own any hardware yet, I have ordered some cardboard VRs from Google.
I have been reading a lot about these topics and have subscribed to many newsletters for all kind of updates.

Yes I am interested in this technology because this is where we are headed.

For example:

What if homeowners, architects and builders could walk through a new house before it’s built?
What if they could see how the bedroom windows frame the view in the morning light, and appraise the sightlines from the kitchen island to the living room? How many unwelcome surprises could everyone avoid?

So imagine webflow, translates working design images into an immersive 3-D world experienced visually through goggle-like headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard.

As mentioned above, I was sharing some thoughts on how we can build a VR/VA Webflow platform that is compatible to all related devices


I’m interrested too, as a good geek.

But I’m extremely skeptical about it. I see companies putting billions on it, and what do we have? Roller coaster, 3D software you need your whole body to operate, “wow effect” demos, fiction films you have to turn around and guess where to look at… etc. I see great looking things but none of them looks like a use case. Nintendo Wii was already too much for people to cope with…

On the side of directors, filmmakers, nobody wants to be the guy who drops a ball on the floor and leave the room. (VR capture). And how many roller coasters can you enjoy each day? Add to this that whatever you own, from cardboard to Rift, the posture is very strange, you’re cut from the world, it’s an alone experience.

I don’t see this this being used regularly.

Apparently, on top of a couple of thousands for the Rift, you need a super strong gamer PC… expensive.

So I don’t see the high end (rift) being successful, neither the middel range (Sansung, HTC) nor the low end (cardboard like, anything working with smartphone). I don’t see any real reason. But I see everyone being agitated around with that and I wonder! :slight_smile:

@vincent One day I want to be able to achieve this using Webflow:

Haha nice.

The idea of a “web” and a “site” and an “app” is going to vanish slowly anyway. We’ll be creating… experiences, environments, capsules, things, whatever we’ll call them. I don’t know. Lifeflow :slight_smile:

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the future of Web will be in your eye:

That’s a given I think, actually just behind your eyes, hooked on your optical nerve or even above that :slightly_smiling:

I want all of that MINUS Zoidberg

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