Ability to use additional HTML5 tags natively in Webflow

It may be glaringly obvious but I don’t see how to implement them, how to actually get them into the code. I’d like to avoid “divitis”. Thank You!


Hopefully I’m understanding your question correctly. To use the HTML5 tags, all you have to do is select the structural/div element (Block, Container, Section, Row, Column, Form Block, etc.), and then click on whichever HTML5 tag you would like to use for that element.

Once you publish or export your site, Webflow will automatically use that tag in the HTML for that specific element.

Does that help answer your question?


Here’s a screenshot of where to find the HTML5 tags, just in case – they are in the Settings panel for any structural/div element:

And if you do select an HTML5 tag for a particular element, it is automatically used in the HTML code Webflow produces when you Publish or Export:

Hi Kyle,

Yes, perfect answer. The screen shots were very helpful. Thank you!


Glad I could help – happy designing!

the only ones that exist actually on webflow are the following:

But what about the rest of this list :

:beers: Cheers!!

Hi @Ow_Ma, a lot of those items are already built into Webflow, can you recheck the list of tags not yet built into Webflow and let me know what you want to have built in? Let me know and we can work this wish list together :slight_smile:

-True that, how about including the following (knowing this will help a lot in terms of SEO) :

<figcaption> <mark> <menuitem> <time> <summary>

  • Regarding the form element the below will be great to add:

    <datalist> to define pre-defined options for input controls
    <keygen> to define a key-pair generator field
    <output> to define the result of a calculation

If we can add <canvas> that would be super awesome specially that 3D canvas will be part of HTML6

Cheers ((:

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