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Ability to use a 301 redirect from existing page to another page on same site

Hi folks, here is a wish list item from one of our customers, and I thought I would add it to the list :slightly_smiling:

The idea, is to allow a redirect using a 301 redirect from an existing page in a Webflow site, to another existing page in the same Webflow site.


Paste this in Site Settings > Custom Code > Header Code if you want to redirect all pages to exactly the same page slug in another site.

Paste this in Page Settings > Custom Code > Header Code if you only want to redirect a single page.

Note that the page must first exist on both sites.

Change the variable newSite to the new site.

var newSite = "";
window.location = newSite + '/' + location.pathname;
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@samliew, cool code :slight_smile: Will come in handy :slight_smile: I updated the wish list title and description as I do not think I was clear, the wish list is to update the 301 built-in redirect to allow redirects from existing pages to pages on same site.