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Ability to upload/store files, code, PDF's, images, etc

So good to hear that S3 was a bit intimidating to you as well. There is always something new to learn and I am a bit slow on the uptake as my brain is rather technically challenged.

I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY about WEBFLOW. Their software is amazing and the template selection is THE BEST I have ever come across. I just wish I could skip the other hosting dollars.

Your advice was so very helpful but all of the websites I maintain make no money and I absorb all of the costs as I started out volunteering and it got a little out of hand as I have a problem saying “No”. I think that is why I was hoping that an easier and less costly PDF and PowerPoint attachment option would be coming along soon. They say it is still in the works. I enjoy helping my community but it seems to be getting more and more expensive.

Thanks again, you are such a great source of information! :smiley:

3.7 K visits guys!!! This idea still stands
Images but also files in the CMS for our customers!

Any official updates for pdf storage yet?

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i heard Webflow is buzy with this!

Got an idea: Make it direct possible to upload files with the the webform, in a uplod map, for CV’s!!! and other things!

@Koen This has already been requested here: Upload File Button

@uzzer Look at the posting date of this thread.

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@aegnorkeil I was referring to @Koen 's suggestion about uploading files with the webform.

Hi @thesergie

Any update on this? Is it still just ‘in the pipeline’, or should we expect any developments with this in the near future?

Any guidance (at all!) would be appreciated by I am sure, the thousands of users who have viewed and contributed to this thread :grin:


Pro tip: You can change any dropbox link into an automatic download link via altering the 0 at the end to a 1.

Paste your dropbox link in the Link Settings of a “Download” button (or whatever you wish to call it) and viola - you now have the functionality all of you are demanding (available right now without Webflow Staff needing to release anything).


P.S. Works with all files!


My name is Ben and I help with product research here at Webflow. We’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can improve the Asset Manager, but we’d love to get your input on what you think we should tackle first. Help us decide by filling out this quick survey:

Thank you for your input!


I got a bit supprised when I wasn’t able to upload pdf to assets. Alwayse assumed it was possible.
Hopefully this feature will come soon

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THIS is one of the best features Webflow has got going!
Thank you SO much for having this.

*What does it mean for fixing issues with webflow?
a) you can add almost any code missing like php, etc…
b) you can host any files
c) save money!!

I just want to take a second to let everyone know about
incognito forms.
yes it is a referral link - they do that too… here’s why i love them, i swear this isn’t an ad. It is just an amazing service with features for multiple accounts and forms.

They are $10 for pretty much unlimited forms and what they call ‘organizations’
Organizations can have their own form, own email reply etc.

So I currently have 5 different clients using one $10 form service.
attachments, calculations, stuff for developers, json… you name it.
and it’s dirt cheap.

Superb advice in here. I am creating my business plan and about to get into the finacial portion and have been struggling with what to charge, what I can for my performing clinet base ect. I think I will have to create a tier system for sure but you are bang on about hosting ect. I plan on creating how-to videos for simple editing and using the cms. A value added approach. Lots to think about. Thanks

hey guys! :slight_smile:

i am working a lot with videos at the moment. first of all… i was wondering. you guys added the background video element which is great. but i would like to use the feature together with the cms. i think this is not possible right now. you cant upload videos in the assets window. and you cant see uploaded videos via the background video element here too. also you cant upload videos in the cms.

i built a workaround. i added the dynamic embed element and manually wrote the code for displaying the video. the url comes from a plain text field inside the cms. that works great. but wouldnt it be nice to make the background video element available for the cms natively? also right now i had to host the videos on my own server. which is sad because the webflow servers are extremely fast. and we are paying to use them. i found another workaround. i added a few background video elements. and just copied the url from within the web inspector. i now use them in my plain text fields. that works too. but its a lot of work. please think of making this easier.

also i found out that the videos i uploaded were scaled down by webflow. why is that so? i was spending a looot of time working on the perfect compression and size. please make that optional.

thank you!

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You should split this into another topic.

Hi Ben @Bissenmann

Do you have any idea if file Webflow uploads/downloads are coming any time soon?


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Could use dropbox or something similar and add links - you can then employ their security passwords on files.
What Ive done is have a password protected folder on Dropbox linked to webflow. Then whatever my client wants to drop in that folder is protected. They dont have to worry about passwords or links.

Alternatively All normal hosting company’s offer storage, for another client, Ive used the storage facility of the company I registered the domainname with, then just added the link to webflow. The good thing about this was that the storage was not branded. So it feels like its part of the website experience.

Even a small size and limit would be better than nothing.
i have other sites and dropbox and ya they work, but getting files from another site seems odd - yes it can be rather easy… but it technically is an added expense *monthly additional hosting… and hassle for something very straight forward… nevermind if customer wants to put a pdf file up… or collabors putting up files… dropbox files often get erased or moved by accident and links get broken …

I would like to bring everyone’s attention to another option for PDF and file hosting on Webflow. Earlier in this thread I outlined how you can use Dropbox to create a direct download link. You can do this same thing using Google Drive.

  1. Upload your file to Google Drive
  2. Right click on your newly uploaded file and click “Share”
  3. Change the share settings to "On - Anyone with the link"
  4. Copy the link from the Share menu
  5. Paste your link into this convenient tool.

You now have a direct download link to any file you want, all hosted on Google Drive. Take this link and paste it into the settings of a button or a link in Webflow and set it to open in a new tab. Done.

Also, this solves any cost or erased file issues @klubjunk considering Google Drive is reliable and free. I will be using Google Drive from now on rather than Dropbox on my Webflow sites for file hosting.

Christopher Travers