Ability to upload/store files, code, PDF's, images, etc

@Maxjewel, we here you. Attachments in some form are on the roadmap. How that will look, I cannot say. But we recognize the need :slight_smile:

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Argh!! Has this been done yet? I need to have PDFs on our site by Friday. Please let me know how to do this or any good workarounds in place so that the files can live on the same site. Using Dropbox, Amazon etc. isn’t really a professional workaround. I didn’t test this or make sure that this could be done when evaluating Webflow as I would have thought that every system would have this ability.

The PDF files should be on our domain instead of CloudFront so that they are indexed with our site.

Hi @MichaelSzabo, I am sorry we do not have the Asset Manager type of capability ready yet. In the meantime, one option is for you to use a CDN service like Amazon or Rack Space, then create a CNAME record in your DNS settings for your domain, to point a subdomain of your primary domain to the file storage.

For example, if I have a site called mysite.com, and a pdf file in Amazon S3 in a bucket, I would go to my DNS provider and add a CNAME record for files.mysite.com and point that at the public CDN file storage address. Then you can put your files there and link it like : http://files.mysite.com/myfile.pdf

I hope this helps, I know it can be frustrating to wait for new features. I do not have an exact ETA yet for this kind of Document File Upload storage in Webflow yet. Cheers, Dave


Good idea. Thanks Dave. Still not ideal as it is not possible to 301 redirect existing PDFs on current site to a different site.

Hi @MichaelSzabo, thanks, we will look at this for a future update. Great new features coming : Now we have the Asset Management for images :slight_smile: New feature: Asset Manager

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave. Looks great! I look forward to management of other files too and cleanup of assets.

Dave, can you explain this further? Linking to pdf’s. These are from 2014 - are you guys able to offer the link to PDF’s yet?

Hi @lweingart, we do not have uploads for PDF content yet :-/ Until we update the Asset Manager with this, I would suggest to use Dropbox, or you can also use other file storage services.

If you use Dropbox, you first upload the file to dropbox in your Personal folders somewhere, and then create a public share link to the file. That link will start with “www” in the link. Change that “www” to “dl” and then copy the link to the file in Dropbox, into the Link settings for the link on your site pointing to the PDF download.

Cheers, Dave

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I just now discovered I can’t put pdf’s on the file system. Very sad. I’m actually surprised too! I have things like owner’s manuals in pdfs that customer’s need to access. I guess I’ll use the dropbox method, but what a drag! I would have thought this would have been a very fundamental feature. I really hope this is moved up in priority. It’s really essential!

Any update on this??? It seems like a very simple permission issue to allow the additional PDF file type to be uploaded to the Asset Manager.

We use Amazon’s S3 to share files like that, and I recently wrote a blog post on how to set it all up. Check it out here. Works really well and it’s cheap!

Hi @bsetter, new features are being planned for the Asset Manager, but I do not have an ETA when the option to upload files will be available.

Keep tuned, this is still an update that myself and others are looking forward to !

Another request for the ability to upload downloadable files on to Webflow server. C’mon guys – this is a fairly basic piece of functionality. Thanks!

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Do you have a concrete schedule on adding the uploading/storing files options?

This is important for App developers as the IOS App indexing required a downloadable link directly from the domain.

Example: www.domain.com/xxx_JSON

Applebot can only crawl in this format.

Hi @Simplyfun, there is not ETA for this yet, so the best method to use downloadable files is still to use a CDN like dropbox etc.

The dev team working on the asset manager knows about this, and this functionality is coming, but I do not have the release information yet.

Hi, looking forward to an attachments feature being added to webflow. I would like to be able to add an upload pdf feature to cms collections.

Do we have an ETA yet? This is a deal breaker for me using Webflow as I work with primary schools with an overwhelming volume of PDF’s…I would have thought the launch of CMS would have made this even easier for you to implement…light at the end of the tunnel please :grinning:

…also…better asset management with folders??

I suppose if I export the site and host it myself I can use containers with a custom code iframe to load my own pages into the iframe to give visitors access to the pdf’s etc.Still a bit of messing around but cleaner than using Amazon or Dropbox. My own pages should still get indexed for content. I’ll have to play around and see how feasible this is.

PLEASE add this feature as soon as possible! I have clients who want new websites and this feature is important to them. The current client I am building a site for will not be happy that I have to host his forms off site. It makes his site look unprofessional.