Ability to upload custom fonts over 5MB

I’ve seen another post, but i was wondering if there’s still no way to lift the 2mb limit on custom font uploads? or, as an alternate, to allow hosting elsewhere then refer to it somehow?

main reason i’m asking is, even though i linked typekit, the japanese font i’ve selected doesn’t work. the name shows in the menu, but still doesn’t actually show up in the site when it’s selected.

is there any special setting or trick for japanese font support of any kind? preferably my own font? let me know.

figures, as soon as i post, it’s fixed. i needed to refresh the page for the font to appear.

BUT, it still would be better to not have a limit on custom fonts. the font i’m trying to upload is just over 5mb. asian fonts are big, that’s just the way it is. would be nice to have them supported. is there any way to do this now?

btw, the error message says “max image size is 2mb”

Hey @rps, thanks for posting about the large fonts over 5mb. You have a great point there on the asian fonts. I have turned this into a wish list item and going to check with the dev team what kind of solution can be made to support this :slight_smile:

It could also be possible to put the fonts somewhere like dropbox and then link to them using custom css in the header of the site/page.

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