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Ability to remove new "Unsubscribe" link from mail notifications

I’ve got a client who just got unsubscribed from their own form notifications.

The kicker is that adding her email address back onto the form notifications is having no effect.

This needs to be addressed.


This was what I was worried about all along, but no heed was taken :cry:

@Cricitem @samliew Yep, precisely why we raised it over 9 months ago. I have to check my clients settings every week to ensure they are not unsubscribed. Clients who also pay for things like Adwords would be infuriated to suddenly be losing those leads. And thats just the tip of the iceberg!

@Cricitem what you’re describing definitely sounds like a bug, as adding your client back to the notification settings should resolve the issue.

Can you please email us at with further details so that we can investigate this issue right away?

@Waldo Even if this instance is a bug, is Webflow going to address the “unsubscribe” issue…EVER? I’ve only ran into minor issues but it seems like a potential “can of worms”.

Why on earth would one of the planned email recipients need to unsubscribe from their own forms…EVER?

I think Webflow needs to be more transparent and provide additional info on why the unsubscribe link is necessary in the first place. The reasons provided so far haven’t been clear. I’ve used many platforms and various form handling plugins and I’m not aware of any of them having an unsubscribe option in the email to the site owner.

It just doesn’t make sense.


This is still a large issue.
I’m having to setup email forwarders because one company dodo pressed unsubscribe by accident.


Oh dear, that sucks :frowning:

Comments from the wishlist request

Ability to disable Unsubscribe link from form submission emails

At the bare minimum, if the unsubscribe link is clicked, the impact to the client must be clearly explained . I.e. "you will no longer receive any lead notifications from your website. Are you sure? "

Currently my clients keep unsubscribing themselves when they get a spam message and then I get emergency calls because leads have stopped.

Ummm if a customer hits unsubscribe on accident… how the hell do you fix it so they receive again?

It is absolutely insane that this glaring security issue is a wishlist item…


Is there any word on this?

Just happened again to the same client.

Something needs to be done about this.

Oooooooooooooops major blunder. I warned about this a year ago.


And now my client is paranoid and sending test emails through every few hours… breathing down my neck anytime there aren’t any submissions for a while “Is it broken again? I’m not getting emails could you check it?”

I specifically signed this client up for hosting because form emails were cutting off after 50 submissions. Now, this is my reward.

Is it really that difficult to just have this Unsubscribe link go to a page where you re-enter your email address? Would that not satisfy whatever arcane law it is that this link is adhering to?

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@Cricitem I agree there should be a solution. Does your client have a good process for removing the link when he responds to an inquiry? How many questions are on the form and how many inquires each month? Is it possible that something like Typeform’s free option could work?

I ended up using Zapier to route via Gmail. Not an ideal solution at all, but it does work and doesn’t include any kind of link like this.

Even the built-in Zapier mail solution has a link that turns off the Zap entirely which is… mind-numbing.

Not familiar with the built-in Zapier? Are you talking about in Webflow?

Ah! Zapier is pretty handy. You can do a lot with it:

It is not part of Webflow. There’s a good bit of documentation and threads on the forum of how to get it all set up if you’d like to go that route.

Sorry, don’t think I was clear. I’m familiar with Zapier and using it with Webflow. I read your message about the “built-in” Zapier mail solution and wasn’t clear on what you meant.

Ohhhhh, sorry. No, I meant Zapier’s built-in Mail integration as opposed to gmail.

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This is what happened to a client of mine: He was wondering why leads stopped, so he tested the form and didn’t receive anything. When I checked the form inputs in Webflow I could see there where a lot of submissions, but they weren’t sent to my clients email address. I guessed that someone unsubscribed my client from notifications (I guessed right, because after Webflow support cleared the email blacklist the address started working again). Neither me nor my client did receive any warning/notification about this. My client lost money because of it and I’m quite sure will be quite reluctant to use Webflow for his new project… :rage:


I’m sorry to hear that. I wish I could do something about it.