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Ability to Preview Collection Items in Draft Status


We are not able to really make use of the draft status for collection items currently for the following reason mostly: It’s not possible to preview the layout of the collection item as long as the same is in status Draft.

As a custom workaround for the problem described above we have introduced an additional boolean field called ‘Show on site’. As long as this value is FALSE (NO), the already published item gets filtered when displaying the collection on the site. Having the direct link one can access the page for the collection item in question though and preview and inspect the layout. If everything is fine one can set the switch field to YES and the post will be listed on the site together with all other collection items accordingly. Until the release of the RSS feed feature we could live we our workaround quite fine.

Unfortunately, all non-drafted collection items get published in the RSS feed without any chance of additional filtering configuration.

Is there any way currently around this? Would it be possible to enable previewing of collection items in status Draft (given one has a direct URL) and/or enable filtering of collection items during RSS feed publishing? Many thanks for your help!

Keep up the good work, you’re awesome!

Cheers from Munich,