Ability to make fields "repeatable" in Collection Items

I would like to give my editor the option to add more fields when he needs to.
Say that I made a field for a heading and one for subheading and one description. But I want the editor to be able to add more descriptions. Maybe I could be able to set a maximum number of how many he could make.

Hey @jorn any reason why you wouldn’t use the rich text editor for this purpose? Then the editor can add as many headlines/images/videos as they’d like to. :smile:

Reason for my wish is that I want to control where that content goes. For example I could put content in a tabs widget.

You’d like for the editor to be able to add tabs? Because you can place a Rich text widget inside of a tab pane without any issues and make it editable?

Yeah sort of. I don’t know if this is the best example but what if you have products and each product have their own Q&A, but one product need only three and the other needs 5. The Q&A is designed like a accordion.

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I would love a repeatable field myself. I often develop websites for clients that need this kind of flexability. By now WordPress’ Advanced Custom Fields plugin, with the repeater field, is the best tool for the job, as far as I know.

One example is a client I’m working for right now. They need to be able to assign related resources to a single item in a collection(let’s call them articles), with fields like title, description, external url OR internal object.

I know I could do this by creating a related resources collection, and then assign the specific related resource list item to an article. But this is really not user friendly when there’s a lot of articles that’s related to each other.

A repeater field would solve this issue by giving articles a repeater field called related resources, and then assign the fields title, description, internal object and external url. If there’s a internal object selected the external url would be ignored. Then the content editor would be able to add resources(internal or external) on the current article they’re working on. All on the same page.