Ability to link to "Home" page

I feel like this should be a feature request but I can’t find any feature request system for Webflow. Maybe this conversation starter will gather interest.

We recently migrated to a new “Home” page design which, in fact broke all the links to it because they are now linked to the old page assigned as the “Home” page.

I feel like we should be able to choose a link to whatever page is assigned as the homepage.

Is the intention here to always assign these links as urls instead of pages and set the value to “/” or would this be a preferred option in the page dropdown on links?


I do that often particularly in the nav during early design, when different homepage designs are being swapped in an evaluated.

I think between that and the “fixed” page pointer, you have every combination you could want. But I also agree it feels a bit weird to change the homepage, draft the old one, and then be forced to update all of your links. Conceptually homepage has a different significance in the site than other pages do. That’s why I’ll often use URL / for those homepage links.

When you do want to make a feature suggestion, here’s where you do it;

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Thanks for this.

My default solution is just to set the URL to “/”