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Ability to link/import Assets from Cloud Storage/CDN

I am not sure if this belongs in another category or was previously answered but nonetheless.

Is there an option to import assets through cloud linkage? I recently registered for a CDN and imported assets that I would like to implement on my sites. However, it seems the only way to import such assets is directly from your computer and I would rather not have the Webflow branding when the asset link is copied (even though I love you).


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Hi @aegnorkeil, thanks for the great question. At the moment, built in widget features are drawing upon the asset manager, and currently those need to be added manually to the design (drag n drop etc).

It is possible to link to your cdn resources via custom embed html, i.e. drag an embed widget onto the page, and add an html5 image tag with the source link setup to point to your image asset.

To take it even further, if you added the external image links, to a collection in Webflow, you could then display your external image assets in a dynamic list, by using an embed widget together with a CMS collection.

I have added this to the wish list, thanks for sharing this :slight_smile: