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Ability to have multi-language support in CMS


This could be a stupid question, cause I read most of the previous topics about copy/past pages/sections etc. between two different websites in websflow. I understand (and I’m not into coding etc), it’s technical not possible.

Now I have this issue: Since there is no good solution for multi-language in CMS yet, I did as follow and it’s working fine:

Made a copy of my website and put that on a different webadress and host is seperatly with CMS in webflow. (version Dutch/Nederlands) (version Papiamentu/Carribean NA)

It’s working fine with a little bit extra work for the CMS-part, but an awfull lot of work when I want to put in extra pages or changes into section etc. You have to do everything twice and in the future (working on English) three times

So my wish is for the moment (untill there is a prober solution for multilanguage), that I can copy/past between my copies of the same website.

I don’t know, if that’s technical possible, or maybe there is a workaround?

Thanks in forward for an answer,

grtzzz Corine


Hi @Corine, thanks for the post. I have moved it to our Wish List item on sharing elements between projects(sites). At the moment it is not possible to use elements between sites, but as soon as the feature is added, this post will be updated. I will be right with you cheering when the feature is added :wink:


Thanks @cyberdave

I read about the difficult technical things about copy/past into elements into different structures of websites (ok here my knowledge stops :slight_smile: ). But what I am asking, is to copy/past pages and elements in a copy from a website.I wondered if that’s technical possible, cause they have the same structure (ok, I think?!). Let me know if I think that wrong :-)>

Since I’am a Blogger building my own website here, I really need a solution for my question, or a good solution for Multilanguage. (my way to do Multilanguage is also pretty expensive)

Maybe It helps the designers on webflow to, they probebly get the same questions of their customers.

Masha danki,

grtzz Corine

Hi @Corine, so you are developing the site in Webflow, then want to copy the changes made to a site hosted elsewhere is that the case? Sorry if I did not totally understand the question better <<facepalm>>

Hi @cyberdave,

Sorry, I’am not a native english speaker. I develop my own websites in webflow and use one of theme as a blogger (i am not a webdesigner) To do Multilanguage in CMS, I made a copy of the website and host both! sites on webflow with CMS.

Here is the example: (if you click the red button: “Curacao Edition Papiamentu” popping up when you scroll down), you get an other language

what I do, (it’s a blog), I want to add static pages to on my websites for example like this one:

This new Page, I made it in the original website, has to be add to my other (the copy with the other language) to. Now I have to make this twice (since I can’t copy between both). In the future I have to do this three times (I am working on a Englih version to).

Hope you understand better, really appreciate you’re answer,

Thanks, Corine

Hi @Corine, thanks a lot for the update. Ok, so this does seem to be related to the Wish list item: Sharing/copying pages, elements, symbols, components, etc across projects, which addresses the need to be able to copy elements from one site, to another site hosted in Webflow.

At the moment, it is not possible to copy those, it would be needed to recreate the page on the second site. I wish I could give you a better solution at the moment. I will be there cheering with you when the feature is added!

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Hi @cyberdave,
Thanks for answering, and yes, it’s the correct WishList . Hope that comes very soon, this way it’s an awfull lot of work to add new static pages.

My problem would also been solved if there is a good solution for CMS Multilanguages. Hope that comes even sooner!

Again, many thanks for listening to a “small” customer of webflow!!

grtzz Corine

Thanks @Corine, I have changed this post to a Wishlist for multi-language option in the CMS.

In the meantime, there are some other possible solutions that use third party custom code: Localizing Websites with Webflow and Localize.js

Here is another third party solution:

Yes, I know some alternatives, but Localize is not an option. I asked a real developper for an solution to, but that was way to expensive for me. I don’t know bablic yet, but sounds like it’s to difficult for me for the moment ;-).

I have my priority to the content of the website at the moment and to add a static page, I make it twice.

Thanks, masha danki @cyberdave, in the mean time I like webflow a lot!

grtzzz Corine

Has anyone of you guys heard of this one: ?
and what do you think about it?
@PixelGeek @cyberdave

Hi @cyberdave,

I tested Bablic a while ago, it worked fine (even on CMS). But I fainted when I saw the pricingtable :-), I don’t want automatic translation (think the most of companies), so I buy translations, and than I have to pay over 41 dollar Per Month to put it on my website ( I need 3 languages).

Is there any news from webflow to get my CMS in Multilanguage?

grtzz Corine

Hi @Corine, thanks a lot for letting me know. Yes, translation can be very tricky, I am not surprised at the cost. At the moment, I do not have any further info on this yet. As soon as I do, I will def let you know.

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Hi @cyberdave,

I don’t talk about the cost of the translation itself (I hire professionals in so I know the prices), but the costs of the account to use Bablic.

Thanks anyway to let me know,

Grtzz Corine

Hi @Corine, yes, I did not mean the translation itself, just the code behind making multi-language sites, it can be complex.

I am really not an expert on the pricing for these services though. I will be looking forward to the day we can do this all in Webflow :slight_smile:


Hi @cyberdave,

I used Bablic so as you adviced, and I’am very satisfied. It’s easy to use and there support is awesome. Even though I hope for CMS Multilanguage in Webflow in the future :-)!

See it on

Thanks for the advice! Grtzz Corine


That actually looks like a pretty good solution until Webflow adds multi-language support. Plus it’s a onetime fee that can be included in the web design cost. Thanks for sharing that! :slight_smile: @Anna_Kelian

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I haven’t tried it, But I’m glad if it helps you :blush:

Here’s the way I did my first multi-lingual site, maybe you’ll get some ideas that could help you:

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