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Ability to have a Swipe Trigger for Interactions on mobile

my requirement is:
just as native iOS, when i swipe an item to left, show a button “delete”.
is it possible for webflow?

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Hi @zfe,

I don’t think it is possible, Webflow doesn’t have a Swipe triggered interaction

i mean when i open the pages on mobile. just as “slider”, it works when swiping.

Slider is the only element that has that functionality in Webflow. And you can’t set interaction on Swipe trigger. Only Slide-in/Slide-out.

Sure you can try to build something inside the slider, but really it is hard to imagine what kind of structure you could get

Great idea @zfe, this trigger would be good to have added, I have changed this to a wish list item.


i am thinking about using overflow to make it possible.

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