Ability to display more than 100 items in a dynamic list

Hey, I tried to create a sorted link list with feeds gathered from my cms database.
It includes 215 Shopnames.

I created a dynamic list with links and there were only 100 items listed and it cant be more?

Ist there a workaround to see all database entries within my link list?


p.s. see image for further reference

Hi @Daniel_Schultheiss

at this time, we only allow displaying 100 items at a time. Will this list you are displaying be updated frequently?

If so, you could try just adding them as static text and enabling it to be edited on the CMS editor tool :smiley:

Hey @Daniel_Schultheiss yeah there’s a max number of items of 100 per dynamic list. We added that hard limit because some lists can be very complex (a couple references, many fields, reference fields, etc). This is to keep everything running fast.

We’re releasing a feature soon that will allow you to show different segments of your items (ex: 1-100, 101-200). A workaround is to add switch fields for items and decide on how to group them and then filter by those switch values in separate dynamic lists.

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We just launched a feature where you can offset items in dynamic lists, so pagination is possible. You can create separate pages and have them show # of items:

New Feature: Dynamic list ranges - Webflow announcements - Forum | Webflow

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Wow thank you so much for the fast replay. Awesome.

But I still dont get it right.

I now have two Dynamic Lists one under the other.
First is set to “Limit items: Start at 1 and show 100”.
(Start at: 1, Limit to: 100).

But when I create another Dynamic List under that first one and I try to set it to
“Limit items: Start at 101 and show 100”
It changes to Start at: 100, Limit to: 100).

It then creates a weird list of my items, not in alphabetical order, mixed and everything is totally wracked up :P.
Maybe its still a bug because its such a new feature or I “am the bug” :P.

So you cant have lets say three Dynamic Lists if you have more than 200 database entries, and have e.g. 1-99, 100-199, 200-rest. Because it wont let you enter a digit that is higher than 100 within the field “Start at:”

Public Link is here:

Yep you found a bug! We’re pushing a fix soon.

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Its because these Shops start with small caps instead of regular Capital letters…
When i change the name to like A instead of a, but leave the text field with the actual shop name “a…” and sort it after the cms field “name” its all good :).

Hope that made sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@thesergie Any updates to pagination? or showing more the 100 list items? Really desperate for this.

@daniel_cleayweb no update on pagination. We have it on our roadmap but it’s not the highest priority. For now you can add additional dynamic list and use the limiting function to show items 100-200, etc and hide them behind a “Show more” button and a click interaction.

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@thesergie Thanks for the heads up, I look forward to the pagination on day soon :grinning:

Hi! Just checking in how the pagination update is coming along?

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