Ability to display count of collection items

Hello everyone.

I was wondering how can I display the total items of a collection as a numeric value. For example:
I have the following collection on my site

I just want to be able to display on the homepage a H3 saying “we currently have X job listings available” but I would like the X number to be dynamic and get the value automatically.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Nando_Azevedo, thanks for the good question. This is not a built-in feature yet, but it is a good idea :slight_smile: I have added this as a wish list item.


Thanks @cyberdave

Hopefully it won’t be too complicated to develop. :smiley: I’ll stay tuned for it.

+1. This will be greatly appreciated.


+1 would be nice to have it

+1 waiting for it too. :slight_smile: