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Ability to display a webflow project in profile that belongs to another webflow account


Is there a way to make a site made with another account to show ut in another accounts public profile?
E.g: I’ve built with MaBra Halsa’s own Webflow account. But I want the site to be shown on my own (StevenP) public profile?

Is there a way to add sites like that @cyberdave, @callmevlad ?

If Mabra’s has a pro account you can still duplicate and transfer the site to yours, to show the copy on your portfolio. You should actually design the ebsites in your own Pro account and then transfer a copy to your client… so you keep a static reference to show your magnificient skills (:

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Again @vincent has the right answer. I would always suggest to ask permission from the site owner, before transferring a site. If a site transfer request comes to Webflow, only the site owner can make the request. Cheers, Dave

Ah…bummer. Should have thought about that. No, neither me or MaBra have a pro account.

Hi @StevenP, if both parties send an email to, I am happy to do a courtesy transfer of duplicated sites. We normally allow for one courtesy transfer request. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave