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Ability to delete multiple pages/folders

The ability to delete multiple pages or delete a folder that has multiple pages would be great!



Agreed. I use one Webflow site to store all new page designs for my company’s website. I ship new designs one page at a time, but my development team prefers to have only the code for the relevant page (because it’s easier to see what has changed in the CSS and it generates a shorter CSS file). So for each new page design, I duplicate the site and then delete the other unnecessary pages. The current process for deleting makes this a huge time suck.

The new CMS release should definitely include the ability to delete multiple pages at once.

Absolutely concur. Our new website will need over 200 pages. The only way at present is to dupe the site and delete massive amounts of pages repeatedly, exporting the new and moving them into place on the server, after adjusting the css call on each individual page.

Would be great to be able to delete a folder as well. Organizing large numbers of pages within the same category of our site is done via folders. One for example contains 100 product pages. Now we need to delete all these pages manually, one by one, to free up space.

Time suck sounds about right.

Has this been implemented by any chance? I could not find such a feature.

I agree!

It would be great.

I´ve been using Webflow a lot lately for building prototypes used in usertesting. We´ve been testing different sections of the websites in seperate test. Which means I have to duplicate the site for each new test, build the new sections and then delete the old section one page at the time… Very time consuming.