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Ability to create User Accounts


I really like webflow platform, and i have projects coming to my company and I really sad you dont have webapp inside of Webflow that will allow users to create accounts, dashboards, etc. Guys I can help to build that app with my team. Is there is any posibility to help you with that?

Thank you!


Yauheni Chvanau


Webflow is still young! The CMS is one year old and they’ve been saying they work on an API that should 1/ bring a lot of new thing to Webflow and 2/ allow users to visually develop new features.
So the answer to your question is TIME. Let it time, and it will come, those kind of features only make sense. It’s not sad, it’s just how things work: they take time.

Everybody wants more with Webflow. E-commerce, collaborator roles, user accounts, mulitlanguage, cookies related features… all those requests are perfectly understandable and reasonable. But we want them as good and innovative as the things we already have. Good and innovative takes time and talent :slight_smile: