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Ability to automatically create a Site Map page in the Designer

Hello Everyone! Can i generate a site map as a page in the designer automatically? Is this possible?

Hi @Tasos_Koutsofavas, there is no such component to list project pages. You have to add the links manually.

@samliew that isn’t entirely correct. In the dashboard under the SEO tab in site settings there is an option to automatically generate sitemaps on publish.

is this what you’re looking for @Tasos_Koutsofavas?

Both have right !
I was looking for an xml export as well as displaying it automatically in the designer (with actual links and hierarchy)

Thank you both!

@nathan I read that twice

Hi @Tasos_Koutsofavas, so the ability to generate the sitemap automatically is a toggle option on the SEO tab.

The ability to automatically create a “Site Map” page in the designer, with all the links shown (same as sitemap.xml but styled in the designer), does not yet exist. I have added turned this into a wish list item.

let’s wish that we will see this awesome feature in the future! thnx for the replies @cyberdave, @samliew, @nathan