Ability to alternate order of elements in dynamic list layouts


Would anyone know how to build an alternate ordered list with a dynamic collection?

I’m trying to do a pretty classic layout:
In a 2 row layout

  • First item has picture on left, text on right
  • Second item has text onleft, picture on right
  • Third item has picture on left, text on right


Any idea how to do this with a dynamic collection?


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Hi Chad,

No I haven’t figured this out. Put this project on pause for a little time.

Can anyone help out?


Hi @chloecan, thanks for your post, and sorry for no reply on this yet. At the moment, the ability to alternate rows like that is a not a built in dynamic list feature, but you can create this manually, by using multiple dynamic lists and then limiting the number of rows for each dynamic list.

You can then create different layouts for each dynamic list. i.e. take a look at this screenshot, of alternating content with the each list limited to 3 items. In my example, the first list is limited by items 1-3 and the second list would be limited to items 4 to 6.

I have changed this also to a wishlist item.

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