Ability to add more than one Content Editor to a site with CMS Hosting

As I see it, there can only be one content editor per site… is this correct?


That is a good question. At this time, we only offer 1 content editor per site. During our testing, we noticed that some edits were being overwritten when having more than 1 content editor. We are working on a fix and have no ETA at this time.


Look forward to it. This is essential for my clients.

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Definitely keen to have the ability to add more than one user… actually really essential for our clients because they want to know who posts content (as they have internal KPIs and this is a factor).

In addition, just because it offers flexibility. Some clients we have have their internal team on board, then an offshore SEO team, and an external marketing team. Given they would want different logins for each…


Is it possible to add more than 1 content editor to a CMS site???

You can have two ATM

  • The account admin
  • Someone else

But no more just yet…