Ability to add line breaks to rich text fields

yes, that’s exactly it I think.

Indesign / Illustrator let you set the space before or afer paragraphs within the same text block. This makes the empty line between paragraphs unnecessary, and it makes design more precise. It is similar to margin, but it is specific to typographic features in those programs. The same feature can be found in Pages and Word. Wonder if it can translate equally well to the web / webflow?

Put together this quicik sample that I hope illustrates it. Note that in all three examples the space between paragraphs is determined solely by the space before paragraph setting, 4 points in the selected block:

I would very much like it if I was able to use the </p> OR the <br> break in any paragraph or header!

If you add a class to the rich text element you can specify how your paragraphs styles behave in just that class.

Also, is there a way of using a bulleted list inside a rich text field? All I can do at present is define each item as a paragraph.

Yes we just released this for Rich text elements.

Oh I forgot to mention that you can do SHIFT+Enter to add a <br> instead of it breaking into a new <p>. But if you want the spacing for the <p> to be the same height as adding a break then you would have to change the margin-bottom for paragraph elements inside the rich text. I cant see a different way of doing it. Maybe someone else has ideas.

Also it’s important to note that editing text inside of a Paragraph element is different from editing text inside of a Rich Text element. When editing text inside of a paragraph, it’s all inside of a paragraph. When creating text in a Rich text element you’re creating separate elements (separate paragraphs, headings, quotes, etc). Does that clear things up?

Hi Sergie,

It is clear to me but it would be nice if ALSO in Rich Text Elements it would be possible to type a soft return instead of a hard return, as they call it in print design.
Sometimes you want to start a sentence on a new line, but without the margin that the paragraph has. Just like this sentence :smile:

If I were to remove the paragraph margin, as you suggest, I would have to create margins on all other headings within the RTE to keep margin between a paragraph and following text. As you know it is not possible to type 2 consecutive returns (ENTERs) because they act as only 1.

So maybe this is more of a wish list thing: please ad the possibility of a soft return in RTE’s!


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yea @thesergie this is important to add as a feature to be able to change spacing of sections within the p where you have a lot of text with separate chunks. Hitting enter is no bueno you can’t tell its a section break and hitting enter twice is worse the space it too big. The effect of what we want would look something like this, but smarter hopefully idk if this is the correct css, I’ll leave that to devs…

br {
line-height: 150%;