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Ability for Collaborators in the Editor to edit site design elements (add pages, add widgets, style the design)

The page and navigation menu management feature is a big one for my clients. Thanks @thesergie

I thought I’d share a tip here that I used on a recent project to enable my client to create their own pages. Hint: Use the rich text block!

Here’s the setup: My client wanted the ability to add additional pages in the future, and add new links to the main navigation.

The issues to deal with: I don’t know of any way to add additional links to the navigation bar from the editor, unless the navigation bar uses a rich text block. From the design side, adding many links to a central navigation menu is dangerous, and I wanted to discourage this. As mentioned above, Webflow doesn’t allow editors to create new pages, but it does allow them to create new collection items. A new collection item template page is generated for each new item. What if… you could just make a collection for pages to be added by the editors? You can!

The solution in Webflow: Try making a collection with a single rich text field in addition to the required name field. I called my collection “Info Pages” to differentiate it from the “Pages” tab on the editor, but you could call it anything you want. The entire contents of the page (besides the navbar, footer, etc.) is a single rich text field. If you create styles for each element that an editor can create, you can make a really clean look with a lot of editor-accessible styling options for text, pictures, and embeds (what else do you really need?) If you want your client to be able to create pages with different layouts, you can take this same concept and create a collection for each type of page.

What I explained to my client: I explained that adding additional navigation links can be a slippery slope, as a central menu loses its convenience when it becomes full. I explained that you don’t need all your pages in the central navigation menu, since you can include links inline on any page where a visitor might be looking for that information. When I explained that using plenty of internal links has the double benefit of being great for your SEO, I didn’t have to explain anything else. The rich text “info pages” don’t provide as much flexibility as the Designer interface does, but it’s simple and seems to work for all of my client’s needs.