AB Test a Single Interaction on VWO & Webflow on CMS

I have a Webflow Project with VWO. I have performed lots of static HTML A/B test such as text, colors, div placement, buttons, etc.

I’m converting a bunch of static pages under https://mywebsite.com/pagexx into CMS because I am at 100 page limit. Each static page contains the same layout, BUT different interaction timings.

I have the following:

  1. Webflow project published on https://mywebsite.com/abtestpage
  2. VWO works as intended
  3. Webflow Interactions with a 2000ms timer on CMS. (child)
  4. Webflow interactions with 1000 to 5000 timers on static pages. (parent)

Now what eludes me is ability to A/B test the following:

  1. Interaction Time triggers

Where in HTML and/or code do I edit Interaction timing with VWO?