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A webflow to Adobe Business Catalyst tutorial / best practice

Hi Guys,

As mentioned in this thread, some of the experienced webflow users use Adobe Business Catalyst for their clients.

@discovoador shared his opinion and @topelovely shared his Workflow process from WF to BC:

However, as I’m in the dark about all complete functionality for BC and WF hasn’t got CMS-functionality (yes!) I made this thread to investigate others’ experiences and best practices with (WF to) BC.

Two questions:

  1. Can someone provide a (preferably visual) tutorial how to transfer the WF design to BC environment?
  2. What are your experiences with the built in CRM-, Email Marketing- and Payment functionality?

Thanks in advance.

Is there anybody willing to share his/her experience and/or best practices?

I’m facing this situation: either setup a website with custom forms (typeform), custom mailing (mailchimp), custom analytics and in time a payment system. Therefore Business Catalyst might seem easier. What do you think?

Go for it. Adobe BC is straight forwards with those requests without calling a developer.

Everything you mentioned seems very doable in webflow. I don’t really understand why you would need anything else? There a bunch of ways to incorporate payment systems into webflow. Just search the forums. I’d also hold off on any drastic changes due to the legendary upcoming update to webflow that will probably include CMS type functionality among other possibly revolutionary features.

@topelovely & @Dfink, thanks for your thoughts. I’ve been investigating BC in depth the last two days and came to the conclusion it’s not worth the investment at this point to work with either Muse or Dreamweaver.


  • CRM integration for all contacts with user
  • Relatively easy payment integration


  • Community mostly “old school guys”
  • (Maybe therefore also) dissapointing limited design options
  • Blog function restricted
  • Pricy when you want to get “the good stuff”

Therefore, I’m joining the queue of people dying to know when the new WF CMS will arise. Hopefully it will be somewhere this month.