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A very cool visual inspector (Chrome extension)

Credit where credit’s due, there’s a really lovely website inspector as a Chrome extension that I have a feeling I will be using a lot from now on. Visual Inspector.

And no, I have nothing to do with them!


They all say that! You must be making tons of bitcoins! (kidding ;p)

I use CSS PEEPER to grab styles on the go, it’s very minimalistic, super practical.

But yours is even better, works like the inspector, allows tuning etc… Super cool, instant adoption, thanks!

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LOL, if you could see my tiny office, you’d know I’m not making anything from bitcoins!

Yeah, it’s a lovely system - colours, spacing, text and collaboration - very impressive.

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Super helpful tool, will be using this :smiley:

Thanks for sharing !

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Lol. I wish we could pay in bitcoins ( or in any other coin. Lol) but Hywel shared about Visual Inspector as a contribution to the community… :slight_smile:

But heyy, beer on me whenever we meet.

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Thanks Vincent, I’m glad you find it useful for quick tuning etc.

Will look forward to hearing your feedback once you have used more. Did you try collaboration options - adding comments in the page, sharing changes over link etc…?


Sure Oakland… Would be awesome hear your feedback once you have tried more… :slight_smile:

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