A Tale of Two Sliders (responsiveness issue in one and not the other)

I have two sliders on this page. One is in the “i’m inspired” section near the top, the other in the “we endorse” section near the bottom. The sliders are both the same class setup for the Webflow Slider portions. Inside the slides is where the differences lay.

The Endorse slider is using Finsweet Attributes to pull the CMS Collection below it in, and it’s working like a champ at all breakpoints. You can see that on the published test link below. It’s slides are a div, a paragraph, and a link block with an image inside.

The Inspired one works on desktop, then stays wide below that. It’s slides are a div block, an image, and a rich text element. The RTE is set to a max width of 60ch. Every slide is identical in this way.

A big point to note, this issue showed itself before I added the image to each slide. So at that point they were each a div with an RTE. If you delete the images, to reset to when this first showed, and delete the last three slides, it works. Something gets worse in the 4th slide, then goes totally wonky in the 5th. If you change the max width to 10ch, it’s still dead Jim.

I’ve pulled the text from every slide into InDesign and ran my usual grep presets to clean up the text. No weird non-breaking spaces or other hidden characters to worry about. Yet the issue here remains.

I’ve even copied and pasted the other slider, the one that works, and then rebuilt the slides inside from scratch. That’s how I discovered the issue starts with slide 4.

It’s probably something simple and I’m too mired in the forest to see the trees. So I’m throwing this out here, hoping a second set of eyes can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
Here’s the published test link: https://mackintosh4cc.webflow.io/