A series of beautiful web personal homepage templates

As a web developer, designer, or just a layman, do you sometimes need a beautiful personal homepage?
Or a beautiful and cool resume, or make a beautiful project homepage for a desktop app that you have carefully developed. Maybe sometimes you just want to make a page for your beloved girl to surprise her.

So let’s get started! Designers, css developers, react technologists, maybe not all. There is often more than one way to reach your destination.

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Here are some good homepage templates for you. You don’t have to do anything, just clone the code and modify a few lines of text. It’s very simple. I think even a foreigner can do it.

1. github pages theme

This template uses a blue color similar to the sea color, which is suitable for science and technology projects

DEMO is here

Github URL https://github.com/nordicgiant2/gh-pages-theme

2. React Nice Resume

This template is a cool page with a flat layout design. Feels like a nice poster

DEMO is here

Github URL https://github.com/nordicgiant2/react-nice-resume

3. SN-Landing-Page

This is a very simple and straightforward template, and of course this is also its feature. Can be used as your personal homepage

DEMO is here

Github URL https://github.com/nordicgiant2/sn-landing-page

4. Vue Nice HomePage

This template uses vuepress, which can be used to build a complete set of project home pages and development documents. Really great

DEMO is here

Github URL https://github.com/nordicgiant2/vue-nice-homepage

5. Cool Landing Page

This is a very popular page template. The popular design style and the dark blue color scheme are very suitable for your project.

DEMO is here

Github URL https://github.com/nordicgiant2/cool-landing

finally. A good library

Sometimes you just need it, it can make any website instantly glittering, it really only needs one line of code.

DEMO is here

Github URL https://github.com/lindelof/particles-bg

Finally, thank you very much for your patience after reading this article, I hope you can have a homepage you like