A senior needs a little help with multiple videos interactions

Hi all,
I’m a senior (was a graphics/multimedia designer for quite a few years) and I’m trying to learn interactions in Webflow.
I’m trying to recreate the Apple AirPods Pro site for my purposes, and following Moritz Petersen’s video.
I’ve managed to control one video with interaction/triggers (with the kind help of Teresa and Vincent on these forums, but I cannot understand how to add and control additional videos/scrolling text (as in the AirPods site.
I know these cannot be background videos. It doesn’t look like they are dynamically loaded into the existing video sequence div block as the user scrolls, is that right?
So these would be in individual div blocks that scroll up, right?
What I am having difficulty with is where would I apply the triggers and interactions for each video/text.
In other words, video one is controlled by its associated text scroll, video 2 by its associated text scroll, etc - is that right?
Can I then just duplicate and edit each interaction sequence for the different videos?
Right now it seems like the page would take a performance hit with 4 or 5 animation videos?
Thank you so much for your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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