A rookie question - why is the text looks weird?

So I’m not sure if I just imagine things or if there’s something that I’m missing.
I’m new and still learning about webflow (and, of course, html & CSS), and I don’t know why but when I’m designing the website, on Figma or here, the way the text show, like the sharpness of it, or the color - I don’t know what it is, it looks weird, like it’s not an actual website, more like a bad photoshop mockup (I hope I make any sense, it’s hard for me to explain what I mean).

I’ve added a link to a page I’ve designed in Figma.

  • Sorry for my broken English. It’s not my native language.
  • Those designs are a part of an online course I’m doing

Help me :tired_face:

include a read only link i will help you out !