A record values are wrong in Webflow glossary

Pretty certain the A record values on this page - https://university.webflow.com/glossary/dns-records — are no longer correct. “ &” should be two new values, which I think both start with “34.193”

Related, this page https://university.webflow.com/article/connecting-a-custom-domain is not helpful enough because it doesn’t tell you how or where to find the A Records or the C Name, which should be proxy-ssl.webflow.com.

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Hello, @dreweastmead!!

Thanks so much for posting and reaching out about DNS!

I can confirm that the A Records found in the Glossary are correct:

With SSL enabled , you should have the following DNS records:

2 A records:
@ →
@ →

1 CNAME record:
www → proxy-ssl.webflow.com

The previous records which did begin with the 34 address still works, but it is being deprecated so you will no longer see it listed in the Dashboard or the Glossary.

Also, I want to say thanks for the feedback! We do point you to where to grab those values, but we should make it more clear about where that is in your project settings. I’m going to talk to the team to see what we can do about improving that! Thanks so much! :webflow_heart:

somewhat related… i have been trying to a launch a Webflow project for the last 3 hours. Every 30 minutes Webflow is telling me to add different A records to the DNS. Webflow can’t seem to make up its mind… am I supposed to add and …… OR and …?

Hi - we launched another site, and now all 4 A records below are appearing in our DNS. Should we keep all 4? Only keep 2 ? Which 2?

Hi @dreweastmead,

Refer to this article on this subject matter: https://university.webflow.com/article/troubleshooting-your-dns-settings#fix-your-dns-settings

Happy Designing,

Thank you Brandon! Much appreciated.

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