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A Record Update negatively effecting Email Delivery

Good morning,
Most of my clients have updated their A Records as requested, and until today none have reported any issues. I found it very simple myself. However, this morning a client is in a panic. They pay a IT support crew to maintain their domains and IT systems, and these guys updated their A Records last Friday (3 days ago).

This morning (Monday) they’ve contacted me to say they are receiving hundreds of unexpected emails, which are informing them of issues with their email account. I’ve checked their website, and it’s showing issues in Webflow and is not displaying on account of being insecure.

Has anyone come across this problem? Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Meghan,

Can you provide a domain name, so we can search the DNS records to see what might be happening.


Oh yes! Sorry Keiren. It’s

Hi Megan,

Do you know what they updated the A Records too?

A DNS search reveals :, which is not a Webflow Hosting platform IP address.

Also, there are no MX records showing on the root domain (needed for email services). is an IP address that routes back to - which is perfectly fine if your client is exporting the Webflow constructed site and hosting privately (not using Webflow CMS)

So you’ll need to confirm if any MX records are/were included with the DNS records for the site.

Hope that makes sense, let me know if you need more help.


Oh gosh! That’s some revelations. I provided them with the two new records supplied by Webflow recently, and the hosting is with Webflow Basic. Missing MX records is a worry. I’ll pass on your info, if you don’t mind, to these people, and see if it helps them.

It sounds like it’s not something you changed yourself but a good trick is to take a quick screenshot of the DNS settings prior to making changes in the event you need to revert back. It’s something I do every time now—even with small changes—after I got myself into a similar situation.

Let’s hope the folks that made the changes on this project did the same :crossed_fingers:

Makes perfect sense Mikey. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed too.

Actually, I should have mentioned that the site is not actually live, it is ‘parked’ , hence the IP address

Thanks for your help yesterday fella’s. Requested more info from my client’s IT support people and got this response this morning: “Yeah VentraIP said that the error on there end was for some reason whenever we changed the A records it also changed the MX records.” Sounds like they’re passing the buck, unfairly, but I’m glad to see no issue whatsoever with Webflow and their communications.