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A presentation I created in webflow for Drupal GovCon 2017 about accessibility

Here is the public link:

Basically, instead of using power point or google slides, I used webflow. I did this because PPT, Google Slides are very bad at accessibility, and I thought I would practice what I preach.

Here is the webflow sandbox link if you want to see how I built it:


Nice one @DFerroF1. How muc time did it take you to do that in WF vs PPT?

Also, you should have the slide height set at 100vh, having it as a min makes it sometimes a bit annoying to get all the slide content on the screen as the slide’s too big.

Nice work, love the interactions. There are some pretty solid reminders/lessons to be learnt here too. Good job

Having the height as 100vh makes it so slide content won’t fit into each slide if the browser height is too low. Lots of visual errors…that is why it is set to 100vh min.

As for time, I’d say the engine/layout took me about a day, then another day and a half to populate it with animations and content.

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Great work, @DFerroF1! Love knowing Webflow was used for a drupal conf :slight_smile: And even better to see more content on accessibility!

I also nearly used Webflow for my recent conference talk, but scrapped it. Great idea, well-executed.


Would love to be able to duplicate that sandbox into my account. So much to learn from. Great job!

Did I disable that? How do I enable that?

I don’t know if you can “enable” it. Maybe a Webflow staff @webflow can chime in.

Go to your Project Settings, showcase it (if you haven’t), then toggle the cloneable setting in the showcase UI.

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Hmm in my general there is no option to showcase

can the Aria img roles be used in webflow easy? Is that in the additional attributes of an element? I’m looking specifically at the bg img role - role=“img” and aria-label =“desc of image”