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A list for eductors with a lot of students

Hello as teacher, I would like to better show work to to students by easly finding there project: I give lesson to 2 classes multimedia: 5MM and 6MM, each has 3 classes: 5MMa 5MMb, 5MMc and 6MMa, 6MMb, 6MMc

Please look to my solution:

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This one looks promising. There are so many tools for students and teachers. Unfortunately, it's hard to find services that help graduated with jobs, CVs, resumes, and so on. Once I bumped into this review and it seems quality. But I think there should be more such services.

Sorry for the delay but I am searching for some tools for students.

Can you give me some examples, please?


I appreciate teachers who try to make the lesson more interactive and interesting. I wish my teachers were like this, mine look like they were obliged to reach us. by the way, talking about services that helps students and not only, recently, as I was preparing to apply for some colleges, I have found college essay services that edited my essays to look professional and show why I deserve a spot in next year’s class. And I got accepted at the wanted college, I don’t think I could without their help.