A link disappears in Firefox


Here is the bug I see in FF only: the link animated on scroll-in and animated on hover on with a transition period set up disappears after hovering on several times (see the example I shared).

Can anybody help me with a workaround? Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I had to deactivate all transitions for solve this bug in Firefox.

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Here you have, the solution!!

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Thank you, Pablo!!! It looks very promising, but I failed to implement it via Webflow( Did you managed to do that?

I’m just upping this topic, maybe some custom code guru will help.

Put the proper style in the HEAD CODE (in Project settings or in each individual page):

<style type="text/css">
@-moz-document url-prefix() {
    .my-style {
        transition: none;

In this example I was able to give .my-style the property transition: none ONLY in Mozilla Firefox.

Hope it helped.

Thanks Pablo! Unfortunately, this code doesn’t kill transition-on-hover for me just like my code I’ve tried to apply earlier:

.my-class.ff, .my-class.ffStyle, .my-class.ffGecko {transition: none !important;}

Both don’t do anything at all on the Webflow.io host. I wonder why. The class is correct and the cache is dumped.

I believe you cannot use Custom Code in free webflow.io hosting.

Where did you put it? The boxes of custom code are all grey out.

Hm, I mean, I save my code into project’s Head Code field, then I hit Publish button and check. I believe it should work for https://link-that-disappears-in-ff.webflow.io . Why shouldn’t it?

Definitely it’s not overriding the class. Please check or redo the approach carefully again, something is missing.

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