A few things webflow related

Hey guys,
I’m just gonna share a few thoughts I have as I don’t get to hash them out as often as I would like.

  1. When copy+paste text into webflow I tend to get a few extra line breaks that extends above and below the added content.

B. Wouldn’t it be nice if Professional accounts and above also has a +1 free complimentary domain hosting?

  1. IX 2.0 presets should be editable if you’d like to adjust the settings (i.e. easing, delay etc). Think Instagram filters :sweat_smile:
    3.1. these adjustable Interactions should also be device specific

Just a few things off the top of my cranium.

Let me know what you guys think about these?


This is know and they work on it. Try to paste using right click+paste instead of cmd+v.

Would be cool indeed, I’d love to use mine for an NGO, or structure I’d do pro-bono work for.

Cool idea too. I’m not using them, but I could elect some of my own to sit in their place.

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Yeah. Thanks @vincent. Let’s bang some pots and pans and make enough noise to get these attended to. :raised_hands:t5:

UPDATE: ctrl/cmd+v don’t work in this setting as the browser menu overrides when selecting text/content.

We already do this with bulk hosting discounts. Just email support@webflow.com for more info :slight_smile:

Ooooo I’d like that too.

Thanks @PixelGeek,
I’ll keep note of that.

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If you’re using Chrome, try using Shift-Command-V (Shift-Ctrl-V in Windows). This removes all formatting from the clipboard.


that worked. thanks man! :raised_hands:t5: